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The TheDissertationCoach.com is supposed to be a dissertation consulting company, but few students have the type of money needed to pay for dissertation consulting. Most students would spend their money on extra tuition and not be consulting. The TheDissertationCoach.com company spends most of its time writing dissertations.

TheDissertationCoach Services

The TheDissertationCoach.com passes itself off as a consulting company, but they make their money by writing essays for students. In particular, they will write your dissertation for you if you are willing to pay in advance. Set your deadline, pay your money, and they will complete your dissertation for you. One of the perks of the TheDissertationCoach.com company is that they also complete these sections of your dissertation if you ask them to statistical analysis, research design & writing, editing, and qualitative methods/analysis. Even if you do not have faith in Alison Miller, the founder of the company, one of the proofreaders is a semi-famous proofreader from the UK.


The price of your dissertation depends upon its complexity and if the writing company can find somebody suitable for the job. If they cannot, they will charge you more because they need to hire a freelancer from the Internet. You will receive a quote for your project once you make contact and give them your details. The quote is a total quote, but broken down per page, it comes to between $12 and $23 per page. Once you receive your price, get back in touch and make up a bunch of counter-quotes from real essay writing services. The customer service department often falls for this trick because they do not contact the other essay writing services to confirm your counter quotes. Usually, TheDissertationCoach.com will offer you an even lower counter quote if you try this trick on them.

Discounts and Free Features

The only free elements are things that people expect for free, such as the title page and bibliography. If you want free things, then negotiate with them for free consulting services, they are fairly easy to trick into giving you free stuff if you pretend to represent a bunch of eager and rich students.

Customer Support

TheDissertationCoach does not really have a customer service department. When you get in touch online, your message is directed to the person on the team who is the most likely to be able to help you. Do not contact them just once; you should try to make contact several times over the course of a few weeks. They are often more willing to take on your paper and your lower quotes when they have less work to do. If you catch one of their team during a slow week, then he or she will probably write your paper for much less than usual because some work is better than no work in their opinion.