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If you are interested in knowing more about the site, you should first know that this is not your traditional ‘order a paper and get it before the deadline’ company. Unlike services who will accept your order and do everything for you, lets you place an order and only assigns it when you choose your writer. It is one of the few bidding companies – a system that comes with both advantages and disadvantages. How well this system works for EduBirdie, you can learn in this review.

EduBirdie Services

One of the pros of bidding companies is the list of services – there is none! The good thing about this system is that you can order anything that comes to mind, but Edubirdie cannot guarantee that you will get many bids or bids from writers you will like. In our experience from ordering from them, we got plenty of bidders on a research paper on a complex topic, meaning that this company works with hundreds of writers who are willing to bid on papers.

But, we’d still recommend that you be very careful. Companies like rarely have a system in place that disallows or prevents bidders from bidding on orders they aren’t qualified to handle. This is why such companies have prices from the lowest to the highest – the inexperienced writers seem to bid with extremely low prices to make you want to choose them. This seems like an advantage, but choosing one of those writers is definitely not a good idea.

Discounts and Free features

Another disadvantage of this system is the lack of discounts – Edubirdie has no discounts or special features to offer – its system does not allow for this. Customers cannot really see this as a disadvantage since they can choose from ridiculously low to ridiculously high prices, but it still is a disadvantage. Not being able to offer discounts to regular customers is a high price to pay for a writing service, since such discounts are what keeps customers loyal in the first place.

Regardless, the choice of different prices makes a great alternative if the paper quality is satisfactory. With this company, though, it is not. Feedback from customers of confirmed the same that we experienced – not all their writers are capable of handling every paper they bid for.

Edu Birdie seems to have done a very poor job in selecting the right writers to work as bidders and write papers for customers. Our case proved that their writers are not all-native speakers, which is the biggest mistake a company can make. As it seems, the hiring process and criteria at Edu Birdie isn’t very strict, putting customers at grand risk of hiring a writer who makes many mistakes in his writing.


The support system of such companies should be excellent, but this one is average. Edu Birdie has a non-stop service, but they don’t do their best to protect the customers. They can aid you in getting a free revision, but if you are unhappy with the knowledge, skills or language of the writers, they won’t refund you or let you find another one to do your paper. All you get are a limited number of free revisions, which in our case didn’t improve anything. We sent the paperback three times and it was worse every time we got it back.

For this system to work, the service needs to at least have an excellent customer support. Even though the support here is very professional and friendly, their agents aren’t allowed to stop the payment or refund a customer who didn’t get the appropriate service by the writer. They act like mediators in the process, but bad ones.


Edu Birdie is not really a cheap service – at least not if you want to select a good bidder. Even if you do, you are risking a chance of choosing an inexperienced or non-native writer and the customer support agents cannot really do anything to fix this. Without discounts or refunds, this service is not one we would recommend or call ‘professional’. The ordering process takes much more time than that of regular services and you can easily make a mistake that will cost you a grade and a small fortune.