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On our journey to search the best writing services, today, we will review DissertationBoss.com. Before we jump on to the total review, we would like to tell you something very important. The review we are giving you is based on the service we received from them. It is very much possible that we were unlucky and got a bad writer. You might even get a great writer from them have a good experience along the road. We checked all the features gave out our review on them.

List of Services of Dissertation Boss

DissertationBoss company mainly boasts of their wide range of services. From long pieces of essays to the regular assignments, they offer every kind of support. They also claim their articles to be 100% unique and always maintaining the deadline.

Unfortunately, we witnessed kind of exactly the opposite. When we got the essay, we got disappointed at the first glance. The writer didn’t follow the instructions at all. The formatting was a complete haphazard. We told the writer specifically to use the font “Calibri” which was even mentioned on their website. But instead, we saw him using multiple fonts. Some were written in Calibri, some in Ariel or Times New Roman.

Then we understood why he used different fonts.

The writer from DissertationBoss basically didn’t write the article, he just copied it from various sources like Wikipedia and pasted. That’s why every segment had different fonts. We put the article under plagiarism checkers and found out that it was only 28% unique. It was a big disaster.

Pricing Policy of DissertationBoss.com

Now let’s talk about the pricing policy of DissertationBoss. In a single word, it’s – pricey! Even the best of the best essay writing companies charge up to $20. Sadly, they would charge you about $39. Also, they will submit it in 5 days.

Who would want to spend about $40 for a copied piece of writing? Moreover, they will not even do the urgent jobs. Like if you need an essay within 24 hours, Dissertation Boss can not help you out on the case.

They didn’t even mention their money back guarantee policy clearly. So, their pricing policy is a bit shady. We tried to inquire details about their pricing policy and asked the customer support. They also avoided the topic.

Discounts and Other Features

The only discount they offer is the first time order discount of 15%. Still, we don’t recommend you the service because of their poor price-to-quality ratio. Although they claim that their services are highly affordable, we think otherwise. If you want to have a 100 pages of essay within 5 days, you have to pay $3500.

Who would want to spend $3500 for a copied piece of essay? Most of the contents were taken from other research papers available. The writer didn’t even research the topic clearly. Just went through 5-6 articles and copied the texts from there. Observing the formatting it seemed that the writer didn’t even have the proper qualification to write college-level research papers. Even all the other DissertationBoss reviews suggested not to go for them.

Customer Support

We were extremely shocked by the poor quality paper that we received. We decided to contact the customer support and ask for a refund. The website has a live chat option. The customer support manager seemed really eager at first. But when we mentioned that we already got the paper and we want a refund, he just stopped giving replies.

Then we tried the hotline number of Dissertation Boss. We witnessed the same thing here too. He just told us that he would get back but never did.


So, this was the honest DissertationBoss review. We will advise going for any other services except them for their unprofessional services. We cannot give them more than 2.1 out of 5. We hope they would change their quality of the writers soon.