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How to Choose the Right Dissertation Topic

When you come to the point of writing a dissertation, your mentor expects you to figure out a unique topic that will bring value to the research community. Maybe you had a great idea, but after the preliminary research, you realized someone thought of it before. Now, you have a problem: you have a general idea of what you would like to research, but you can’t narrow your ideas down to a specific.. Read More

How to Do the Research for Your Dissertation

You’ve seen PhD candidates being challenged to the very limitsby their dissertation projects. You understood their struggle, but you always believed the process would be different for you. You have your heart set on a topic and you think things will go as smoothly as possible. As soon as you start the preliminary research process, you realize your assumptions were far from the truth. Suddenly, you’re faced with the most serious project you’ve.. Read More

Dissertation Writing Tips

All candidates for doctoral degrees love the academic discipline they chose to devote their lives to. However, not all of them are thrilled to face the lengthy, challenging process of dissertation writing. They have to complete and change several drafts before getting to a satisfactory version that the mentor would appreciate. As a graduate student, you have surely written many great research papers, article critiques and other types of academic papers. However, the.. Read More